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Some motorists seacoast through life without ever getting a flat tyre, while others are putatively cursed to suffer through the experience each too frequently. No matter where the effects stand for you, you need to know what to do if it happens to you. Luckily, we are then to show you exactly what to do if you get a flat tyre.

In this companion, we’ll take you through the way you need to take when you notice you’ve got a flat tyre, including how to repair and replace it. We will also give fresh advice to help minimise your chances of ending up with a tyre puncture.

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What to do when you get a flat tyre

Still, congratulations! Thank your lucky stars that you were not on the move! If this is indeed the case, also you can skip straight ahead to our section on how to change your tyre, If you’ve spotted a flat tyre whilst your auto is parked. However, still, you are on the move when you realise that you have a flat tyre, If.

How to spot a flat tyre whilst driving

Generally speaking, you are far more likely to get a flat tyre from a small perforation. That results in a steady leak of air — rather than a unforeseen shindig, which you’d be hard- pressed not to notice. As similar, it can occasionally take motorists a many long hauls or further before they indeed realist they’ve a perforation. Now, if one of your tyres is steadily losing air pressure. You will start to notice the auto pulling to one side( the side the flat tyre is on). You will also find it far more delicate to steer and man oeuvre your vehicle. As you can imagine, this growing lack of control over your vehicle means you need to come to a stop as soon as possible.

Get to safety

Upon realizing they’ve a flat tyre, some motorists essay to continue sluggishly moving along. The hard shoulder in order to get to the nearest petrol station or stop. This isn’t an judicious move. As we have said, a flat tyre makes it incredibly delicate to control your vehicle — putting you and other road druggies in inconceivable peril. You shouldn’t travel long distances on a tyre puncture or at high pets.

What you need to do rather is find a safe place for you to pull over as soon as you can. However, pull up on the hard shoulder, If you are travelling on a binary expressway or motorway. Take great care and give other road druggies plenitude of notice when maneuvering your car. However, try to pull up in a place where you will not be important of an inhibition to forthcoming business, If you are on a minor road.

Hear to the experts

Once you’ve come to a stop, you need to assess if it’s actually safe enough for change your tyre. The Highway Code urges motorists only to “ change the tyre. If you can do so without putting yourself or others at threat — else call a breakdown service. ”


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